Autism Month


April : International Autism Month
Support the Difference  

The Dixville Foundation has been in existence since 1974. Its mission is to support persons with an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder throughout the Eastern Townships.

During the month of April, the Dixville Foundation will distribute a temporary tattoo "support the" among its partners and the general population. We ask people to proudly wear it to help raise awareness about these individuals and their families who often face psychological, financial and social challenges.


The Dixville Foundation invites you to wear the tattoo "support the" and contribute to awareness by taking a photo and sharing it on Facebook or other social media with a mention of #DIXVILLE FOUNDATION

Be creative with your picture! It could be a selfie, a group or action shot.


Support the

  • Support people with autism spectrum disorders towards a better integration into society.;
  • Support and increase the visibility of the Dixville Foundation, in order to provide financial support to help with these needs;
  • Support the Dixville Foundation with a donation to help these individuals and their families towards a better quality of life..


The Dixville Foundation provides financial support
through its Life Projects program:

  • The purchase of specialized equipment: toys, timers, board games;
  • A specialized integration program at school;
  • Respite care for families
  • Summer camps;
  • Zootherapy;
  • Electronic equipment: tablets and other electronic equipment that are beneficial for communication and learning.


Persons with autism have strengths, projects, and dreams. They need a society with an open mind and knowledge of their specific needs. They also need to be supported in order to flourish in their lives. This is where our slogan ‘’Support the Difference’’ makes perfect sense.


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