Autism Month


April : International Autism Month
Support the Difference  

To highlight  the 2020 Autism Month , the Dixville Foundation had planned some very interesting awareness and fundraising activities. However, given the reality of the pandemic and social distancing we are postponing these events until the fall.

The Dixville Foundation will publish articles throughout the month and invite people to share them in order to contribute to the awareness related to people living with Autism, and their families, who often experience significant challenges: psychological, financial and social. 

We also invite you to share our logo "Support the" so that people with autism are not forgotten during this crisis.


The Dixville Foundation provides financial support
through its Life Projects program:

  • Funding to purchase specialized equipment: toys, timers, board games, electronic equipment;
  • A  program to prepare and integrate children into school;
  • Respite care for families
  • Summer camps;
  • Zootherapy.


The people we serve are among the most vulnerable in society and many of their services are disrupted right now. The challenges will be significant for these individuals and their families in the coming weeks.


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