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Financial Support

To submit a request

In order to facilitate the process of making a financial request, the Foundation has put into place a new form valid for both paper and electronic supports.

Request for financial support

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Instructions for requesting financial support

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Before submitting your request, please read the following instructions:

  • The Foundation carefully allocates its budget in a fair and equitable manner. For this reason, some requests may receive only a portion of the estimated cost.
  • It is preferable to highlight the beneficial aspects of the project in accordance to the mission of the Foundation.
  • An annex can be attached to the form in order to provide more details of the project.
  • An acceptance of a request does not mean that it will automatically be accepted again in the future by the Foundation.
  • Every request must be approved by the «Chef de service» [Service Manager) if the user(s) receive(s) specialized ID/ASD services from the center. If the person is not a user of these services, the signature of the person making the request is required only.
  • An electronic submission is strongly recommended for the efficient processing of the request. Once the form is completed, save the modified document before closing the window and return it by email to In this case, signatures are not necessary provided that the request is directly sent by the «Chef de service» [Service Manager) to the Foundation as proof of his/her knowledge and agreement with the project.
  • In the case of a request made in writing, the signatures of the person making the request and the «Chef de service» [Service Manager) are required.
  • The person making the request will be informed of the Foundation’s decision in writing. If the request is accepted, the designated person will receive a letter accompanied by the cheque.
  • It is the responsibility of the person making the request to provide complete information for the cheque (i.e. name and mailing address). In some cases, the cheque will not be given if the invoice has not been received by the Foundation. To avoid any delay, please send your invoice as soon as possible after acceptance to the accounting service by:

    email at: ;
    or by mail : 34 rue Queen, Sherbrooke (QC) J1M 1H9 

  • The recipients may be asked by the Foundation to provide a follow up report in order to encourage them to share their experiences, results and pictures of the life project.