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Community Activities

Since 2001, the Dixville Foundation finances and manages a recreational centre in the community, called the ‘Drop-In Centre’, located at 36 Queen Street in Lennoxville. This centre has the objective of encouraging socialization while focusing on the respect towards others as well as to themselves.

Each week, the ‘Drop-In Centre’ provides the users a relaxing place to cook, do creative activities, watch a movie or share festive meals. Also, the ’Drop-In Centre’ organizes activities (see the calendar below), such as outings to football games, hiking, summer gardening projects or cultural visits.

The users participate in the planning and organization of the various activities, while being assisted by specialized animators. However, the family or RTF (family type resource) is responsible to provide close supervision to the users who require it during certain external activities.

It is recommended that the users be referred by a resource person, such as a social worker or a specialized educator, to assure adequate follow-up and optimal participation in the activities (difficulties, health issues, security, behaviors, interventions, etc.).

The ‘Drop-In Centre’ has a registration form (see below) valid for both paper and electronic supports. For any question related to registration and the activities, please contact Ann Marcoux by email at activities@fondationdixville.org, or by phone at 819-791-6200. For an emergency, such as a delay or cancellation, please leave a message directly at this same phone number.



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Information Form 

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