M. Pépin

October 17, 2017

Mr. Nicholas Pépin, our honorary chairperson for the Annual Wine and Cheese event, had the great idea to organize an event at the Liverpool to celebrate his birthday. About hundred people came out to share an enjoyable and friendly time. All the guests were able to play pool and listen to the group “Les Flancsmous”

It was also a time where we were could meet his dynamic and warm family. Nicolas took the time to talk to us about autism and the impact of having an autistic son in his family life.

Also, a student helped the family with the organization of this evening as a part of his training. He shared his rewarding experiences during the time he spent with the Pépin family. During his visit, he was able to see the reality of living with an autistic child.

We would like to express our gratitude as the funds raised from this event were given to the Foundation. An amount of $1200 was collected in just one evening! 

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