Requests for financial assistance

The Foundation provides financial support for various types of projects for persons with an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder by ultimately promoting their development, autonomy, and social integration.  

Main criteria that guide us in allocating funds

  • To promote the person's quality of life 
  • Helping as many people as possible, within our region
  • Distributing financial assistance in a fair and equitable manner
  • Ensuring that funding is not available from other sources and that the person's financial situation shows a need for assistance

Who can make a request ?

A user, an intervenor, a social worker, a parent, a legal representant.




  • Day camp, summer camp and respite care for families
  • Specialized and electronic equipment
  • Zootherapy
  • Supporting clinical interventions: school, social, CPE or work integration
  • Support in daily life: moving, transportation, food aid or other
  • Life projects that promote the personal growth and dreams of the people we serve: leisure, work, school, apartment living, social inclusion and other special projects.


An electronic submission is strongly recommended for the efficient processing of the request. 

  • Please download the form, valid for both paper and electronic requests 
  • Once the form is completed, save the modified document before closing the window and return it by email to


 Before submitting your request, please read the following information: 

  • Please ensure that the information in the form is complete. 
  • Every request must be approved by the Chef de service if the user(s) receive(s) ID/ASD services from the center. If the person is not a user of these services, this approval is not required. 
  • An acceptance of a request does not mean that it will automatically be accepted again in the future by the Foundation. 
  • The recipients may be asked by the Foundation to provide a follow up report in order to encourage them to share their experiences, results and pictures of the project. 
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or assistance at 819 933-6033 |